This year’s Nordic Championship in Obedience will be held in Sandefjord at Oslofjord Convention Center, approximately 30 minutes from Torp Airport, and 2 hours from Gardermoen Airport, from November 25th until november 26th 2022. The competition will take place in Convention Center North (adress: Oslofjordveien 9, 3159 Melsomvik), and the underlay will be synthetic grass. The convention center holds normal indoor temperature.

The competiton ring will be aproximatley 25×32 m.

Starting order:

Jeanette Espegren Dutta
Michelle Marques Foldnes

Liv McDowell


Send away with directing, down and recall
Positions under march (Down fast pace, Stand with recall)
Recall with stand/sit/down (Sit & Stand)

Sitting in a group for 2 minutes, handlers out of sight
Lying in a group for 1 minute, and recall

Send round a group of cones, stop (stand/sit/down), retrieve and jump (down)
Directed retrieve
Scent discrimination and retrieve
Distance control (Stand,down,sit,stand,sit,down)